Techniques used to create an Object-Oriented, Portable and scalable ERP : Portable-ERP

Techniques used to create an Object-Oriented, Portable and scalable ERP : Portable-ERP


Technical specs... Thomas

For those who are hungry for technical information, please find hereunder facts & figures to put under your teeth:

Portable-ERP is a Windows© application written in C#, using the SharpDevelop platform. The C# language was choosen because of the portability project to other platforms via the Mono projects.

The first step during the creation of Portable-ERP was to create a complete development framework. This framework was to cover the design, the graphic layout, the security, the navigation. Once this was done, it covered 90% of the work, the build-up of the application itself was very quick. This is why Portable-ERP is so evolutive, and would allow taylored-made applications to be created VERY quickly.

Portable-ERP is a database application working 'Offline', and not 'Online' as the application in the clouds are. Meaning no internet connection is required in order to work.

The windowing mode is MDI (Multiple Document Interface), this means that you can work on many windows at the same time within the same application. When updating information in one window, it is immediately reflected in other windows using that information.

Is it entirely designed using re-usable objects, with the result of an extremely ligthweight application (just over 1Mb in its current version).

Access to the data base uses strictly the ADO.NET layer for the use of the SQLite database(since version 1.0.5199).

The database is mono-user with SQLite. A migration to a multi-user environment can be done upon request.

The data are stored in a SQLite database since version 1.0.5199. If your business generates a lot of information to be processed, we recommend an upgrade to a DataBase Server, which can be easily performed the way the application was built, consult us for more information about this.

So far, the application can be used in English, French and Dutch. Any contribution to another languages will give you the right for a free license!

The application was tested under the following environments:
- Windows XP© SP3;
- Windows Vista©;
- Windows 7©;
- Windows 8 Pro© (requires installation (automatic!) of the .NET 3.5 Framework, in not yet installed);

The recommended resolution to use portable-ERP is 1280X768 for confort. Anything above is great. Anything under becomes a little tricky. If you intend to use portable-ERP on a netbook or a tablet with a resolution under 1280X768, it is recommanded to use the windows in maximized mode. But using portable-ERP on a Win8 tablet works great!

If you have the opportunity to test it under other environments, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

The presence of MS Office© is not mandatory.

Any bug report to provide me with : please post it in the contact page! Many thanks.

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