See the screenshots of an invoicing application : Portable-ERP!

See the screenshots of an invoicing application : Portable-ERP!

Click on the images to enlarge them, they will open in a new window.
You will notice that the screenshots are in different languages, Portable-ERP exists in English, French and Dutch (so far).


Keep track of the companies you are working with, be it customers or suppliers, record the persons in relation with them, teams, sectors, an activity log (logbook), the projects you have with them, their orders, satisfaction surveys...


This forms contains all information about the persons and tabs to quickly view information related to them.


Follow all your projects, and all the details that come along with them : activities (and time already spent), time registration, and an history follow-up.

Product Categories

Organize all your products into recursive categories, you can then assign prices/discounts to a category of products.


Products and all the information you need to manage them. Under the tabs, you can check their prices, discounts, stock levels and stock movements.

Your dashboard

In the blink of an eye, check your upcoming due dates, the ongoing orders and your stock alerts!


Warehouses are organized into locations, has many as you need. Keep an eye on your stocks.

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