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Free invoicing sofware | Free ERP Software | Portable-ERP

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    Portable or Portable?Thomas

    What exactly are the concepts of portability? Is Portable-ERP Portable?
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    Future features?Thomas

    The list of features in the construction pipe, or just in the ideas box;
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    Free or not Free?Thomas

    Portable-ERP is based on the Freemium economical model.
    This means that (a lot of) features are available in a completely free version, this includes customer/supplier management with their related information, printing orders/invoices, prices, discounts, query on the database, export of data out of the database, single user environment, ... Read More


    Portable-ERP was conceived to be small, lightweight and portable. But Portable-ERP is also highly scalable, this way, if your activity and your company grows, the application you are using can grow with you. Read More


    You don't feel confortable with computers, but you feel that you really need an application like Portable-ERP? Check out the online videos! Read More


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    Technical specsThomas

    For those hungry of technical information, please find hereunder some facts & figures to put under your teeth Read More


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