A portable application ported to another platform? Portable-ERP

A portable application ported to another platform? Portable-ERP


Portability? Thomas

Sometimes, the notion of Portability is confusing, as an application could have been 'Ported' to a certain platform type, while we could speak of a 'Portable' application at the same time.

So what does that mean actually?

Portability : it refers to the fact that an application was designed to run on different platforms (Linux - Mac OS X - Windows) using the very same source code.
This means that during the design of the application, the developer paid attention to compatibility to the platforms.

A Portable application is the concept that an application can be used from a portable support (USB flash memory, external HDD, SD Card, ...) without leaving files/traces behind after being closed on the host computer.
This concept implies that the windows registry is not used, that the application does not require to be 'installed', but only copied, or extracted from an archive file, and just ran...

What about Portable-ERP?
Well, Portable-ERP was designed to respect both concepts. But, so far, only the Windows version exists, we are currently trying to fill-in all blanks, without concessions.

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