Free invoicing software for enterprises / freelancers : Portable-ERP!

Free invoice software/application for enterprises / freelancers


Free or not Free? Thomas

Portable-ERP is based on the Freemium economical model. This means that (a lot of) features are available in a completely free version, this includes customer/supplier management with their related information, printing orders/invoices, prices, discounts, query on the database, export of data out of the database, single-user environment, ...

And the free version is also Ads-Free! The only request we have, is that once you start to use regularly Portable-ERP, is to register. By registering, we will be able to keep you informed with our product evolution!

Buying the full featured version gives you access to advanced features:
- project management (including activities & time registration);
- stock management;
- purchase orders;
- multi-user environment;
- ...

Buying the full license gives you also a credit of 2 hours of support.
Before buying the full license, you can request a temporary full version valid for one month! For free!
This premium version is available upon request for a very decent one-shot price.

A lot of companies nowadays use the Freemium business model, it is good to know that the conversion rate of customers buying the Premium solution after testing the free solution is of 41%.

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