I need a software for my business | I need a software to manage my daily business | I need a program to manage my commercial activities

I need a software for my business and to manage my daily activities

What is your business about? For most of us, it's gonna be:

Your everyday activities

- Contacting prospects, and try to convert them into customers;
- Take note of the already contacted prospects, and possibly when you should contact them again;
- Updating the customers/suppliers you contacted to keep your relation up and growing;
- Recording potential orders for those prospects, and send them a price offer (email+pdf);
- Converting an offer to an order (well done!) and printing the order (again email+pdf);
- Check out your stock for the goods to deliver;
- Deliver the goods, and update your stock situation;
- Follow your order delivery, and once done, send the invoice (again mail+pdf if legislation allows it);
- Keep track of the payments;
- Later on, check out your customer's satisfaction;
- Put a reminder to contact a customer to check about a late payment;
- Perform a weekly backup of your database;
- Export your sales into your favorite spreadsheet app to perform some Business Intelligence analysis;
- ...

And it could also be

- keep track of the time spent on one project for a customer;
- Prepare a purchase order to refill your stock for one product;
- ...

Portable-ERP covers them all!


IT speaking, Portable-ERP is

- a CRM application (Customer Relationship Management);
- a SRM application (Supplier Relationship Management);
- a (light) Project management solution;
- a time registration management solution;
- an order-entry application;
- a (light) warehouse management application;
- a multi-user application;
- a multi-language application (each user can choose his/her own working language);
- ...


Everything combined in one very light-weight and intuitive application, this combination is actually called an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application.