Frequently Asked Questions

Portable-ERP - Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Portable-ERP logotype stand for?

This logotype represents the Entreprise Life Cycle. The ELC for short in Enterprise Architecture is the dynamic, iterative processes of change the enterprise over time by incorporating new business processes, new technologies, and new capabilities, as well as maintenance, change and disposal of existing elements of the enterprise.

Where is the help file?

There is no help file provided, but we provide online videos instead. Within a few minutes, you will be able to use the application. But you might also want to check the FAQ, and the documentation you can download from the download section.

Is there a forum?

Yes, the forum can be accessed using the bubble icon in the page footer. Or you can access it from here Please note that the forum is only available in 'write' mode for registered users.

How do you organize support?

I am currently looking searching to find a Live Chat system. It should be up and running soon. In the meantime, you can always contact me via email or on the forum.

What are the rules for the dates in the project management module?

Well, a project is ongoing from date D1 until D2. Activities occuring during this project may of course only be within these limits. The same about the time registration. Time registration for one activity may only respect the limits defined for the activity.

What are all order validations / order detail validations

. All dates of an order must be coherent (invoicing date and delivery date must be >= order date);
. If the product is handled on stock, an inventory validation is performed;
. As soon as you change the order date, all line amounts and order amount are recalculated.

What is the price calculation schema?

Prices are calculated in accordance to the logic:
1. Product | Company | Date
2. Product Category | Company | Date
3. Product | No Company | Date
4. Product Category | No Company | Date
The first price found according this search logic is used.
Prices are calculated using the order date.
But all this logic is cancelled if you set a price manually. To cancel the manual price, push the price calculation button in the order detail.

What is the discount calculation schema?

The discount calculation schema is the same as the price calculation schema, with these important things to know:
- Each discount is ALWAYS calculated on base of the NET product amount.
- Discounts are never degressive (meaning that all discounts are calculated on the same base amount : the net amount).
- Discounts can be cumulated (whatever types).
- Discounts are calculated using the order date.

How do you handle roundings?

Roundings are only performed on the printed document.
All values are always calculated and stored using the most accurate precision.
This is why you can see many decimals in the forms.

How do you make sure a product is not sold whenever it reached its end-of-life?

When setting the product end life date, you also define the end date for all prices/discounts of this product. Meaning that if you try to key-in an order for this product, you will not get a price when the end date is passed. But of course, you can always set a price manually, this is by feature, to allow you to empty the remaining stocks for instance.

Why is the order header form locked whenever the order detail is opened?

Because a lot of data in the order header form rely on the detail lines (amounts, weight). In order to avoid discrepancies between the two I decided to lock the header form.

My computer is an Apple©, but I would like to use portable-ERP, what can I do?

The long-term intention is to have portable-ERP available for all platforms, but it is not ready yet. In the meantime, I recommend using a virtual machine, it makes it possible to run whatever environment with your favorite Mac©, and then use portable-ERP. I run it that way myself, except on my demo tablet ;-)).

Why are all stock related fields in the product form greyed when editing the information?

Because you are using the lite version. All stock features are available in the full version.

What are the color rules in the DashBoard?

In the reminders grid, you have a view of 28 days. All events occuring in the following 21 days, and in the past 7 days are appearing. Whenever the start date or finish date are within 7 days, the date is colored in Orange. Whenever it occured in the past 7 days, it is colored in Red.
In the orders grid, whenever the delivery date or invoice due date is within the 7 days, it is colored in orange, whenever the date is passed, it becomes red.

Is it possible to change the days before an order delivery date becomes orange?

Yes, you can change the parameter DUE_DELIVERY_REMINDER for that purpose.

I'd like to use portable-ERP, but I am already using another application, what about importing my data into portable-ERP?

If you consider using portable-ERP on the long term, my recommandation is to buy a full license of the software, by doing this, you will receive 2h support credit which you can use, for instance, to request help importing your data.

I tried the portable-ERP in Windows 8©, but the screen layout is completely messed up, everything looks ugly, what's going on?

Well, I noticed that if you use the magnifying property in the display parameters (125% magnification or more), the layout of many applications becomes messy. I recommend to lower the screen resolution instead of a high resolution with a zoom...

Why create an application with that old-fashioned look instead of a nice and modern look?

Because most of the small business companies (90%) are run by people from the X generation, not the Y generation, meaning they are not used to all those modern technologies yet. The look choosen is the one they already know, because they are the target customers.